Foods to Avoid That Contain Gluten

Foods that contain gluten are surprisingly numerous. Many prepackaged items, that you would never expect, become a food with gluten during the manufacturing process.

If you are following a gluten free diet, you must always check the label before buying any manufactured food. You must check each time you buy an item because formulations change, and you can't tell unless you take the time to check the label for allergens.

For gluten sensitivity or Celiac Disease, the most common foods to avoid are listed below.

Any bread or roll that is safe will say gluten free on the package. Usually they are in a separate "health food" section.

Most fruits and vegetables, even if canned or frozen, are gluten and casein free.

If they are processed with any sauce or seasoning however, there is much more chance that they contain gluten or casein.

Foods that contain gluten can often be spotted by the label. All products whose label says wheat must be avoided on a gluten free diet. Also those containing barley, or rye, or any of the foods derived from them.

This includes, but is not limited to:
white bread
wheat bread
focaccia bread
rye bread
pita bread
spelt bread/products
Ezekial bread

sprouted bread
7 or 9 grain bread
flour tortillas
some corn tortillas
cakes & cupcakes
flour tortillas
some corn tortillas
cakes & cupcakes
pancakes and waffles
hot dog buns
hamburger buns
pizza crusts
Cream of Wheat
quick bread
banana bread
soda bread
bread crumbs
wheat germ
wheat bran
pearl barley
barley grass
rolled oats (any oats)
wheat nuts
wheat grass
wheat protein
wheat starch
graham crackers
groats (wheat or oat usually)

Foods that contain gluten like any breaded items:

fried chicken
breaded fish fillets
breaded fish sticks
country fried steak
breaded mushrooms or zuchinni
corn dogs

Other foods to avoid that may contain gluten are:

many broths and soups
boullion (Herb-Ox is gluten free)
most soy sauces (La Choy is gluten free)
teriyaki sauces
canned or frozen items in sauces or gravies
some spices use flour to prevent clumping
frozen french fries often dusted with flour
imitation crab meat
brewer's yeast
wine coolers (if contain malt)
yeast( Red Star is gluten free)
blue cheese(depends on culture medium)
Rice Dream rice milk(barley enzymes in processing)
malted milk
malt syrup
malt extract
malt flavoring
malt vinegar
vanilla flavoring (McCormick Real Vanilla Flav. is gluten free)
brown rice syrup unless states gluten free(Lundberg)
flavored coffee
nuts are sometimes dusted with flour
grilling seasoning or other seasoning blends
marinades unless say gluten free
processed meats
poultry injected with broth
glazed ham
Rice a Roni (has vermicelli), most seasoned rice mixes do
Most mainstream cereals have malt (barley)
Rice Krispies is coming out with a gluten free version, check box
Cheerios (cross contaminated oats)
Special K
Corn Flakes
and most cereals

Quaker Rice Cakes are now made in a gluten free facility, but they do process peanuts in that facility, so use only if you don't have a peanut allergy

NOTE: Rice Chex (only) from General Mills has recently changed their formulation so that it does not contain malt, it is now gluten free! Also, Post Cocoa Pebbles and Fruity Pebbles are gluten free.

NOTE: General Mills is coming out with more gluten free chex varieties. Be sure to check the box to see if it is the gluten free version. The new flavors incude: Corn Chex, Honey Nut Chex, Strawberry Chex, Chocolate Chex, and Cinnamon Chex cereals. They are now adding Apple Cinnamon Chex to the list.

Other Items That May Contain Gluten, continued

Bulk Bin items at store (cross contamination from scoops)
glue on envelopes(sometimes)
some other paper products (paper plates)
dish soap
hand soap
shampoo and conditioner
laundry detergent
oatmeal scrub
some toothpastes and mouthwashes
many medications, check with pharmacist or manufacturer
dog and cat food(licking, petting fur)
wheat straw
oat straw
tea (many contain barley)

You can also get a reaction from kissing someone who has recently eaten gluten, and lipstick, chapstick, old toothbrush, or skin care products.

Most people may not react through the skin, but shampoo can get in your mouth in the shower. It is best to find gluten free versions, and get new makeup and items like toothbrushes.

Related Pages that may be helpful are the food lists that are acceptable on the diet. These include Gluten Free Sausage, for sausage and lunch meats, Gluten Free Products which has sauces, condiments and other items, and Gluten Free Beverages. The hub page that lists all the pages of foods acceptable on the diet is Gluten Free Shopping Be sure to take a look at them as well.

If you are also avoiding casein, you need to watch for these likely milk containing items:

milk chocolate
cheese flavors
au gratin potatoes
ice cream
flavored coffee
non-dairy coffee creamer
shakes including diet type
"cream of" soups
cool whip and whipped cream
cold cuts and hot dogs
sour cream
margarine (Earth Balance is casein free)
chocolate chips for baking

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