Gluten Free Foods and Kitchen Preparation

colander and gluten

Before you go to the store to buy your gluten free foods, you need to prepare your home so that you will also have a gluten free kitchen or at least a safe area. Buying the foods is only half the equation, you also need to keep and prepare them that way.

If you bring home some fresh vegetables and you wash them and put them in a colander to drain, and that same colander was used to drain wheat based noodles in the past, the vegetables will be cross contaminated with gluten. Condiments are also very easily cross contaminated, and must be kept away from any risk of crumbs.

This aspect is not always considered when people begin the diet, but it is nevertheless important to aid in healing. It is only by getting all of the antibody reaction stopped that the body can heal. Even a very small exposure can keep the immune system activated and attacking the small intestine or other body organs, including the skin.

The pages below will give you tips on how to keep your foods free of cross contamination, and what utensils and appliances need to be replaced. If you plan to put the whole household on the diet, then you should read the first two pages below.

If you will only have one or some of the household members going on the diet, you will want to read the kitchen page, and also the mixed household page. You can read them all of course, if you aren't sure yet which way you plan to go.

While it may seem simpler to have an entirely gluten free household, it is more expensive. Some members may not wish to give up the quick easy meals or favorite snacks. There are many things to consider before making such a big and permanent change.

A Gluten Free Kitchen

This page discusses the various appliances and utensils that will need to be replaced. There are tips for storing and using your gluten free foods safely, and some information on a gluten free bread machine.

A Gluten Free Houshold

This page will tell you what you need to do to prepare your home if you are going to have a completely gluten free kitchen and home. Dish soap, reading labels, and setting up are also discussed. The advantages are apparent, but there is a higher cost.

A Mixed Household

This page will tell you the common pitfalls that can happen in a mixed household, and how to work around them. Also what areas need to have a "gluten free zone". Labeling food items for the diet is mentioned, and also how different approaches can work for different families. All family members will be affected and the final decision should include everyone's opinion.

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