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Below are a few of the books I find to be helpful and reliable information about the gluten free diet. Some are guides, and others are cookbooks. My favorite cookbook is the Bette Hagman "Gluten Free Gourmet Bakes Bread".

These are available on I recommend that you read the reviews there before deciding which is right for you.

While I am affiliated with Amazon, and this site would receive a small commission for any purchase, the cost would not be affected for you. Amazon is usually among the lowest priced.

Guides to the Diet

The Gluten-Free Diet, A Comprehensive Resource Guide by Shelley Case:

Shelley Case is a registered Dietician, and follows the gluten free diet herself. Her work is highly accurate, thorough, and reliable. She is well known and respected by the medical authorities in regard to Celiac Disease and the gluten free diet. If you want answers to the most difficult questions, this is the book for you. She also gives nutritional profiles and properties on various gluten free flours. Not the easiest read, but important for accuracy.

Living Gluten-Free for Dummies by Dana Korn:

A valuable resource for daily living and the adjustment to the changes in lifestyle required by the diet. Explained in easy to follow terms are essential things you need to know.

The First Year by Jules E. Dowler Shepard

A personal account of a patient newly diagnosed with celiac disease, this book will give you the perspective of another who has been where you are and knows the road we travel.

Helpful Web Sites

Celiac Sprue Associaton

This is the largest non-profit Celiac Disease Association in the United States.

Information on how to find a local Celiac support group.

Celiac Support Groups


This is my personal favorite gluten free cookbook for baking.

Her breads are very good. There is a great variety in this book for all types of baking. Rice flour recipes are very good. Save the bean flour recipes for after you've healed a bit though, as they can be uncomfortable with sore intestines.

Some ingredients may be more difficult to locate outside the U.S.

The Paleo Diet

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