Gluten Free Diet Help's Advertising and Affiliate Policy

This site is my personal site. It accepts advertising and other forms of compensation. Such compensation does not influence the information in this site. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences.

"Ads by Google" are not selected by me, so if you see a Google ad and a Web page about the same product or service, it is a coincidence. There may be ads served by third parties through Google as well.

Words that are double-underlined are text ads, like Google's except not as clearly identified by the company that provides this service. I just thought I'd let you know about that here, for the sake of clarity.

I only accept non-Google sponsorships from providers of high-quality goods or services. I appreciate their recognition and support of this site.

Rest assured that the actual content on sponsored pages are independent of any sponsorship or affiliate relationship. To avoid the appearance of any conflict of interest and in the spirit of full disclosure, I identify all sponsored content to you.

In addition to Infolinks and Google ads, I am affiliated with Afterglow Cosmetics, The Shopping Warehouse, Vegan Essentials, Mixes from the Heartland, The Gluten Free Mall, The Gluten Free Pantry, GlutenFreely, Time-Life, and Amazon because I feel they are excellent companies, and that the particular products I recommend are helpful products for those on the gluten free diet.

Gluten Free Diet is a participant in the Amazon services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

I receive a small commission from these companies for referring you if you buy a product through my site. This is the case only if you buy the product through this website each time.

For example, if you buy a product through this site the first time, you find that you really love the product and want more, and then go directly to the seller's site to buy again I will not receive a commission on that second sale. However, if you did come back to this site to buy that second time, then I would receive a commission on the second sale.

I am also affiliated with Solo Build It, (SBI), because their outstanding program made my building this website possible. I receive a commission if you make a purchase from them as well, but I would recommend them whole-heartedly even if I didn't. Their program is truly excellent.

If you like my website, and it is helpful to you, then I hope you will support my recommendations. This site requires my financial support, time and effort to deliver original content, free, to you. Supporting my sponsors is a WIN-WIN-WIN for you, for me, and for them. Thank you very much.

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