Have You Just Been Told That You Need to Go On A Gluten Free Diet?

Are you wondering what you can't eat? What you CAN eat? Starting a gluten free diet can be overwhelming at first.

I know it was for me. My name is Kathy and I first went gluten and dairy free in November of 2006. I spent many, many hours reading and learning about this new way of life. Most people don't have the time to do all that reading. But you won't have to.

All that information is here for you in one place. It is all organized so that you can get started quickly and easily. From preparing your home, lists of foods to avoid, reading labels, stages of healing, to recipes and restaurants.

Above are pictures of some of the gluten free foods we make at home. They include beef stir fry, bread rolls, chocolate candy, pizza, bread, cornbread, and cherry and apple cobbler.

Let me help guide you as you enter the new gluten free lifestyle. I know the way. I've been where you are now, and I can help you make the transition.

Your life will change, and you will find yourself feeling better. New vistas will open for you, as your energy returns. No need to be concerned, as I will help you to get accustomed to this new life. The first year is the hardest, and soon you will feel much more comfortable.

This website is here for you. If you have a question you can contact me through the form on this site and I will do my best to help you.

On this website there is also a list of foods by brand that you can buy today, locally. This makes shopping much easier. It is my hope that you will find my site to be of great help with the gluten free diet.

What is Gluten?

For anyone not familiar with gluten intolerance or sensitivity and celiac disease, gluten is the substance in wheat, rye and barley that causes illness in those people who are sensitive to it. For those with celiac disease, it causes an autoimmune reaction that attacks and destroys the lining of the small intestine. This leads to malabsorption and malnutrition.

There is no cure for celiac disease, however it can be controlled. For most people the body will heal the damage once they go on (and as as long as they stay on) a gluten free diet.

Flours made of other grains, like rice flour, corn flour, amaranth, quinoa, and sorghum can be substituted for wheat in baking. There are mixes for making your own bread and cakes, or you can use the free recipes on this website. There are many varieties of gluten free foods available now as well, including bread and even bagels. The gluten free diet is easier to start now than it's ever been.

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