Company Statements Regarding Gluten Free Products

Newman's Own Products as of 12/2/2011

The following products were verified by the companies to be gluten free as of the date given below:

Bill Johnson's Big Apple BBQ Verified all BBQ sauces on 12/4/08. Most recent verification from company received on 1/2/2011.

Cowboy Express (Texas Pete) verified the items on my list on 2/17/10. Many items are produced in a facility that contains no gluten products, others have rigorous cleaning between products.

BGE Food's(Trappeys Red Devil) verified on 1/2/11.

Jimmy Dean and other Sara Lee Products "Anytime there is a gluten-containing ingredient in one of our products, the ingredient will be listed on the ingredient label." per most recent company email 12/1/2011

Zatarain's/McCormick will list gluten on the label in the ingredient statement. 2/2010, Verified Zatarain's 11/10/2011.

Campbell's Items are verified as of their most current U.S.list dated 2/2012. Their most recent list for Canada is still 1/2011.

Dynasty Brand Asian Products are verified by email to the company 10/21/2011.

The Dr. Pepper Group verified their Snapple, Mott's and carbonated beverages. Most recent verification 1/4/2011

Pepsi-Cola checked 3/09. Per email from Pepsi-Cola "none of the ingredients in Pepsi-Cola products are derived from grains or flours that have been linked to malabsorption syndrome associated with gluten sensitivity." Latest verification on 12/1/11 per company email.

Coke: Coca Cola Company Updated 3/2011. Coca Cola, under Contact Us, in Ask Coke tab, ask "which products are gluten free?"

Ore-Ida Frozen Potatoes. November, 2011.

Ore Ida Potatoes GF List

Mahatma Rice verified 11/30/2011. Mahatma Rice

Minute Rice verified 12/1/2011. Minute Rice

Gourmet House Rice verified 12/1/2011. Gourmet House Rice

Carolina Rice verified 11/30/2011. Carolina Rice

All Kraft, Con Agra, Unilever, and Hormel products will disclose gluten on the label.

Jennie-O Turkey Store Checked 7/22/2011. Scroll to bottom of the page. Gluten Free Turkey Products

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