Incontinence No More!

by Lee G
(Pinetop, AZ)

I’m 65 and decided to try a gluten free diet about two years ago after reading an article about gluten sensitivity. Within two weeks, the incontinence I’d had for three years disappeared! I knew for sure it was a gluten problem when it returned the day after I ate a flour tortilla.

Then, last August, I had an operation. I had not realized that could bring on or make gluten intolerance worse. By November, I had slipped back into eating some gluten but started having almost daily bouts of diarrhea and vomiting and had no energy. My husband had the same symptoms two days later so I thought it was just a bad case of the flu. He got better after 10 days while I continued to be sick for two months!

I finally went to a doctor in December. She did blood and stool tests – all negative. Since I was no better after a course of antibiotics, I turned to the Internet. Many of my symptoms fit gluten intolerance, so I decided to go on a strict gluten free diet and most of my symptoms disappeared in a few days after starting it.

I just want to warn you that the time it takes to read all the labels adds A LOT of time to a trip to the grocery store. Since I was already doing this due of a cottonseed oil allergy, this wasn’t a problem for me. Remember – companies can change the ingredients at any time so YOU HAVE TO READ THE LABELS EACH TIME YOU SHOP.

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