I just found out

by Tom
(Westerly, RI)

Well I'm 64yrs old and just found out I have Celiac Disease. What a shock!

After 64yrs of not eating gluten free it will be quite a test, but when the Doctor told me that if I keep eating gluten I could get cancer, then I knew it was time for a change. Thank you for the web site

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Jun 26, 2014
Cancer and Celiac Disease
by: Kathy

It's hard to make changes after eating a
certain way for a long time. Your doctor is
correct though, untreated Celiac Disease
(not following a gluten free diet) can lead to

Intestinal cancer is just slightly higher
among untreated Celiac patients. Non-Hodgkins
Lymphoma has also been linked to Celiac Disease.

The GOOD news, however, is that strictly
following a gluten free diet will lower the
risk to about the same level as non-Celiac
members of the population after a few years.

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