Gluten Sensitivity
Causing All My Problems

by Jessica
(Virginia Beach)

I went to a holistic doctor, to run tests to see what sensitivities I might have. The test results showed I had 31 units of fecal- Anti-gliadin IgA. The normal range is less than 10 units.

Also, in the test results, I found out I have a sensitivity to casein, as well as soy, and chicken egg. Well, I am currently on medication for both Hypothyroidism, and Bipolar Disorder.

It turns out that both these diseases are directly related to my food sensitivities. It was also discovered that I have the Gene HLA-DQB1*0201, (Also known as HLA DQ2). I have the Celiac gene and the Non-Celiac gene that predisposes me to have Gluten Sensitivity.

My brother suffers from Epilepsy, so he most likely also has the Gluten Intolerance. It is amazing to me that gluten, a protein that is present in our food, can affect our Neurology.

What really upsets me is how our Healthcare System failed me, and how the doctors just treat the symptoms with medication instead of finding the source of the chemical imbalance.

I suffer from headaches and mood swings. Tomorrow I will complete a 24 hour Adrenal Saliva test. The test kit says I have to have like two pieces of gluten containing bread before my noon sample is collected, so after that I will start my new gluten free diet. I desperately need my immune system to get back to normal.

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Causing All My Problems

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Aug 17, 2012
by: Lisa


I have been sick for 6 years now. Started with a heart problem/viral infection, also had to have ablation for frequent pvcs. I had always had IBS; diagnosed in my 20's.

My current diagnosis from my team of physicians is as follows: cardimyopathy,fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, arthritis, IBS, immune deficiency.

My IGA,IGG low. I take monthly IV to replace IGG. I also have had frequent viral infections, to the point antibiotics do not work for me. I had a skin test, and found out I am allergic to cinnamon and tomatoes, so I cut those from my diet 6 months ago. Did not notice much change.
But I did notice on the report that barley was high on the scale.

My stomach issues have been treated with Bentyl because I have extreme cramping with every bowel movement, and loose stool bright yellow floating(maybe to much info there).

In the last 6 months have been passing out from severe abdominal pain so that is why the Bentyl. My gastro has done every test available and no diagnosis. I am scheduled for pill cam on September 6th.

Even though I did not test positive for Celiac, I thought last week when I started having cramping again and the Bentyl was not working-what do I do if the pill cam is normal? I have spent thousands of dollars out of pocket, and none of my team of physicians said try a gluten free diet.

I started eating gluten free a little over a week ago, and stopped the Bentyl(antispasm med). I cannot believe the difference. No cramping, and have been having normal, formed bowel movements. I am going to go ahead and go for the pill cam, but I just cannot believe that this may have been my problem all along...Thanks for listening, please feel free to comment. Just venting, as I read all the stories online of people with this issue.

Jun 22, 2012
by: Tammy

I just found out myself that I have gluten problems. I do agree that our healthcare system doesn't do enough. I was watching O'Reilly on Fox channel. He said he quit all wheat and he lost weight, and allergies went away and he felt better. So I thought, well maybe that is what is wrong with me.

I just searched the Internet, and stopped eating wheat, barley and oats, and everything else with gluten. Within two days my body stopped aching, and my shoulders stopped burning.

I was crabby all the time, and had dry skin. Canker sores started going away, I had nail problems and they are getting better. I had pain in my lower abdomen, my abdomen was so big I thought I was lactose intolerant, which most people think they are, but it is the wheat. My legs would ache, hormone problems, hot flashes and I lost my balance a lot too.

I'm laughing again, I feel like doing things again, everything isn't a chore anymore. They say you will feel a lot better in two - six months but I felt better in two days. I did try something one day to see if it was that or it was in my head. Thirty minutes later I felt my head getting pressure like I was going to get a headache. The next day my back was hurting and my fingers in the joints, and I had pain in my lower abdomen, so I know it is wheat gluten. All I'm eating right now until I know what I can eat is fruit, veggies, meat, fish and a lot of yogurt.

Mar 03, 2012
Bipolar and Food Sensitivity
by: Kathy

Jessica, it is interesting that your food sensitivities may be directly related to Bipolar. It is known that gluten affects Thyroid function, and often leads to autoimmune thryoid disease. Schizophrenia has been linked to Celiac Disease, but there has not been much research on the connection with Bipolar yet.

I have read, however, that the IGG antibodies are also often elevated for gluten and casein in those with Bipolar. In fact, in one study the casein antibody level was correlated with the intensity of symptoms.

You might find this article interesting as well: Casein Sensitivity and Bipolar Article

I hope you will find a lot of help and relief with a gluten and casein free diet. Please work with your physician if you are going to make any changes in your medications. I hope you will update us on what changes you experience, and if the Bipolar symptoms diminish or disappear.

It could prove helpful to many others as well. Much more research needs to be done, but until it is, individual experiences can help reveal the connections.

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