Gluten Made Me an Angry Person

by Janice
(Toronto, Ontario Canada)

The effect that gluten sensitivity (and casein sensitivity) had on me was to make me an angry person. Angry at the world.

I started seeing a homeopathic physician. He diagnosed me with a leaky gut. He also found my sensitivities to gluten and casein.

So I went on a gluten and casein free diet.

Not only did my body de-swell 60 pounds when I stopped eating both, (ex. yogurt, diet drinks etc) but I also got "nice".

I found myself doing and saying "nice" things. I found myself less angry at the world and the people in it. It was almost euphoric.

After about 6 months on this diet I was a new person.

How wonderful life is now!!!

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Aug 23, 2010
Thank You For Sharing Your Story
by: Kathy

Thank you Janice for telling us how gluten and
casein affected you. Isn't it amazing how these food allergens can cause not only physical symptoms but mental and emotional changes as well?

My husband showed signs of ADHD for years, with hyperactivity, short attention span, lack of focus, irritability, and mood swings. It also went away after going gluten and casein free. It took about 9 months on the diet before his hyperactivity and other symptoms disappeared.

Life is so much better when we feel well and are not "under the influence" of things like food allergens that can cause so much chaos in our bodies and in our minds and emotions. I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying life so much more.

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