From Pain to Liberty

by Sylvia

My story begins almost five years ago, after the traumatic premature birth of my son.

I began to get terrible fatigue, pain and inflammation in my joints as well as increasing migraines. Migraines have always been a part of my life, but these became so bad I was at times bedridden. Pain became a part of my daily life and it became increasingly impossible to care for my children.

They went to live with their dad up north whilst I continue to eek out an existence down south. At this time, due to my vegetarian diet I was consuming lots of whole wheat, whole grains, wheat germ, and tons of wheat gluten.

My headaches became so bad that I frequented the local emergency room often. I became sluggish, could hardly keep my eyes open. Then something strange happened. I began to bloat after almost every meal. Considering it was a healthy diet of veggies and whole grains I knew something was terribly wrong.

I began to research online and was shocked to find out my previous diagnosis of Fibromyalgia could be linked to gluten sensitivity.

Intrigued, I began to cut out gluten from my diet, and sure enough the symptoms began to lessen. I no longer bloat with every meal, the headaches went away, I even began losing weight.

Just to be sure it wasn't all in my head, after being on a gluten free diet for a few weeks. I reintroduced wheat gluten back into my diet and was treated to severe pain, bloating and gassiness.

Well that was the last time I played that card.
Living gluten free means I have to be more careful of everything I eat and sometimes paying more for less. Even the fave veggie burgers I enjoyed were making me sick as they contained wheat gluten.

It has been almost six months now and I feel better than ever. I feel lighter, stronger and happier being gluten free. Now that there are more options for us "GF's" many more doors are opening for us. Eating is enjoyable again and places like Wal-Mart is enabling us to have that.

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