The Gluten Free Lifestyle--Baking With Flours Free of Gluten

After a Few Months

The gluten free lifestyle will become second nature after some months. You will find yourself feeling better, and perhaps more willing and interested in trying new recipes.

sliced lemon for cooking  free of gluten If you enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, you can invent new versions of dishes you like that are free of gluten, using rice or corn flour. Baking will be very different with these gluten free flours though. You really will need some recipes that work for baked goods. I have some of my favorites on the site in the recipe section.

Gluten free baking mixes are available or you can make your own mixes out of the flours that you prefer to use. Start with blends that have been tried and tested. Baking with these flours will be a very different experience.

There are blends that use mostly rice flours and starches. Others use sorghum, quinoa, amaranth, millet, teff or bean flours. While the flours other than rice are generally more nutritious, they are also harder to digest. I would recommend starting with the rice flour blends. You can get a little more nutrition in there by using 25% brown rice flour for the rice flour portion. More than that will make it heavy and harder to rise. Keep your brown rice flour in the refrigerator so it doesn't go rancid.

Once you have some success baking with the rice flours, try putting in a little of one of the others instead of brown rice. Experiment with differnt flavors and combinations until you find what you like best. For some things I like to use sorghum and chickpea flour. For others that need to be light, I use the rice flours. Bean flours may produce some intestinal discomfort until you have healed at least 6 months, so wait a while to use them.

How Long to Heal?

When you do get "glutened" accidentally you will probably need to go back on the bland diet with soup and stew for a few days or weeks. Once your body recovers you can eat the heavier foods again.

Generally, children heal the fastest, and may feel much better in 3-10 months. Young adults may take about 12-14 months to feel better. Older adults will need two years or more to heal.

The sooner you start your gluten free lifestyle, the sooner that day of being healed and feeling well will arrive. The stricter you are with the diet, the more quickly you will improve. I hope this information will help you to make a good start.

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