Dx with Celiac Disease Because of the Following Symptoms

by Valerie
(Las Vegas NV)

The Following Symptoms Brought About My Diagnosis of Celiac Disease:

1) Confusion, I still have the foggy feelings sometimes

2) Joint pain to the point of tears, I was discovered to be Vitamin D deficient, was given Vitamin D, and am much better now

3) Frequently tired, need naps 3 times a day tired, discovered to be anemic. I was given Iron, getting much better, I am some days nap
free now

4) Vomiting, unclear why, it basically stopped with eating gluten free

5) Extreme abdominal pains, I still get them whenever I've eaten something with gluten in it without knowing it

6) Weight loss of over 30 lbs, due to vomiting and diarrhea, the weight is back on now (Darn it!)

7) Often feel run down like I am just getting over the flu. Probably malabsorption

8) I am still having some issues with headaches, but getting better gluten free

9) Muscle weakness, probably similar to the joint pain, now getting better

10) Frequent trips to the ER or other medical facilities, eating gluten free has decreased the number of trips by about 80%

I was told it takes a year or more for your body to recover, once you reach the point of malnutrition and anemia. I have been doing my best to eat gluten free, for about 6 months now, since my diagnosis. But I am still learning what I can and can not eat. I can usually tell if I have eaten something wrong within 20 minutes to 2 hours by stomach pains and a sprint to the nearest bathroom!

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